Join a global group of pioneers to explore how storytelling and media created with wisdom and compassion can contribute to peaceful prosperous living.


27 September


Leadership in media and creating inspiring, engaging content


28 September


A celebration and exploration of transformational media





Join a gathering of people from all around the world passionate about how storytelling and media can help us create peaceful prosperous lifestyles.

Engage with leaders, pioneers and innovators in film, journalism, music, Web2.0 and new technology, publishing, creativity and well-being.


Experience how stories and media created with compassion, intelligence, clarity and vision is helping us find solutions to our social, environmental and economic challenges.

Explore transformational media - media that helps point the way to us achieving our highest potential both as individuals and collectively.


As with great stories, myths, art or music that endures through the ages, transformational media seeks to celebrate, explore, and deepen our experience of our own nature and the world around us. It brings us closer to each other, to our true essense, our purpose and our highest nature.

Transformational Media may be focused on inspiring stories, practical solutions, or like the quotes on this website, a clear message. It is the intention behind the media that both defines and gives its transformational quality. It is transformational in the sense that its goal is to transform conflict into peace, apathy into compassion, to unite rather than divide, and transform environmental destruction into living in harmony with the natural world. In short, it helps us to atain our individual and collective potential.

The inner qualities and values which are the foundation to create transformational media.

The external qualities of transformational media content.



Transformational Media 2012 brings together a group of inspiring thinkers, visionaries, creatives and doers from across the world. Their short descriptions here hardly do justice to the energy, wisdom, passion, and creativity that they bring collectively.

Dara Marks

Script Consultant

Dara is a leading international script consultant, seminar leader, and author. She is rated as Hollywood's No.1 script consultant by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and specialises in the transformative story, providing advice for apprentice screen writers to top studio writers and executives.

Leon Stuparich

Independent film maker

Leon is an independent producer, director and film editor. He has produced and directed the full-length documentary Road to Peace, which follows the Dalai Lama's journey through the UK, as he shares his spiritual and humanitarian message. Over the past 20 years, Leon has worked on some of the biggest shows on TV including The X Factor, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, and many documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4.

Felicity Finch

Actor, broadcaster and trainer

Felicity has worked in theatre, TV and radio, and has played Ruth Archer on BBC Radio 4’s The Archers for over 20 years. She also trains actors and directors, including the team which makes the Afghan radio soap New Home New Life, and makes features and documentaries for Radio 4. Her documentary making has taken her to Rwanda, Peshawar, Albania and Cambodia, where she has examined how radio drama can be used to communicate vital information.

Simon Hodgson

Chair of the UK Media CSR Forum

Since 2004 Simon has chaired the UK Media CSR Forum and worked directly with many media companies on improving their social and environmental performance. A recognised thinker, he has authored numerous reports and articles on the changing nature of sustainable development and the rising expectations of stakeholders. He is a firm believer that the key responsibilities of media companies lie in the content that they produce.

Gilles Vanderpooten

Managing Editor, Reporters D'Espoirs

Gilles has created several initiatives related to a sustainable world, including the French film festival of environment and sustainability and Indibio, the institute of biodiversity together with explorer Jerome Pasteur. He has also written an international best seller Get Involved! together with Stephane Hessel.

Clemency Burton-Hill

TV & radio presenter, author & musician

Clemency presents BBC2’s Culture Show and The Review Show and is the host of BBC Radio 3’s Weekend Breakfast Show. She is a regular guest on current affairs programmes including Andrew Marr, Newsnight and Sky News. A contributor to the FT Weekend Magazine, Independent and Guardian, her second novel will be published by Headline in 2013. She has founded and worked on music and social action projects in Africa, the Middle East and South America and recently joined Daniel Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra on tour as an honorary member.

Greg Barrow

Communications & Social Media, UN World Food Programme

Greg is the Senior Public Affairs Officer and spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme, UK – the world’s largest humanitarian agency.   Before joining WFP in 2003, he was at the BBC for 15 years, working as a foreign correspondent based in Africa and the United States.

Stuart Hughes

Diplomatic Producer, BBC News

Stuart has covered major events around the world for the BBC including the 9/11 attacks, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Arab Spring. While in Iraq in 2003 he stepped on an anti-personnel landmine and had to have his right leg amputated below the knee. Despite this he continues to work for the BBC and raise awareness of the physical and emotional toll of reporting conflict. He is the recipient of a 2012 Ochberg Fellowship at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

Jarvis Smith

Founder, Green Magazine

Jarvis founded Green Magazine with the desire to show that a ‘greener’ lifestyle was a better, more fulfilling, and enjoyable one. He also established the PEA Awards that celebrate how sustainable living can be good for business as well as the planet.

Julie Mollins

Communities Editor, Reuters AlertNet & TrustLaw

Julie has dedicated the better part of her life to telling stories using fine arts, craft and written word. As an online journalist at she started using social media to help with efforts to transform news coverage - a project carried to AlertNet, a Thomson Reuters Foundation humanitarian news website, where she blogs, writes stories, and produces social media events both online and in real life.

Martyn Lewis CBE

NCVO Chair, and media commentator

Over 32 years as a television journalist Martyn Lewis anchored every mainstream national news programme on ITV and BBC. A campaigner for “Solutions-Driven Journalism”, he has famously argued for the media to achieve a fairer balance between the positive and the negative, and analyse success and achievement as well as failure and disaster.

Cathrine Gyldensted

Journalist & Investigative Reporter

Cathrine has 12 years experience in news as a journalist, covering US politics, and investigative reporting in TV & Radio for Danish Broadcasting. She recently completed a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently working to innovate news reporting through relevant Positive Psychology research and constructs with colleagues in the USA, Denmark & Canada.

Peter McGugan

Author, Filmaker

A pioneer of transformational media his first transformational feature film played in Canadian art houses 23 years ago. He has been rated among North America's top ten speakers.

Maddy Harland

Editor and Co-founder, Permaculture Magazine

Permaculture Magazine has an international focus and covers all aspects of sustainable living. Maddy is also a founder member of Gaia Education and she has been cited for a 'Special Commendation' at the Triodos Bank Women's Ethical Business Awards.

Ella Saltmarshe

Strategist and Storyteller

Ella advises NGOs, donors and governments on strategic philanthropy, public policy and social change. She also writes stories. Her first feature script, The Kabul Grand, won silver prize in the 2011 Euroscript Screen Story competition and her journalism appears in The Financial Times, Treehugger, Wired, Monocle & Creative Review.

Jeremy Wickremer

Founder, Ideal Media

Jeremy set up Ideal Media to produce communications to inspire progress towards a peaceful sustainable world. He is passionate about supporting people to create media from a space of integrity and empowered creativity.

Anna Coote

Head of Social Policy, New Economics Foundation

Anna is a leading analyst, writer and advocate in the field of social policy. She was responsible for ground-breaking work on health and sustainable development as Commissioner for Health with the UK Sustainable Development Commission (2000-9).

Susie Pearl

Author and commentator on happiness

Susie has worked in TV for many years leading ideas for new formats for positive change. She is founder of one of the top 3 entertainment PR agencies.  She speaks worldwide on positive living and new routes for wellbeing. Her research on the science behind happiness and meditation is revealed in her new book, 'Instructions for happiness and success'.

Beadie Finzi

Foundation Director, BRITDOC

Beadie divides her time between running the foundation's four film funds, producing the PUMA.Creative Impact Award and running Good Pitch events around the world. Every now and agian she like to escape and make a film. Her favourites include Unkown White Male, which premiered at Sundance and made the Oscar shortlist.

Maxyne Franklin

Foundation Director, BRITDOC

Maxyne has produced several films for BRITDOC including double Sundance winners Hell and Back Again and Afghan Star, Grierson-winner Moving to Mars, Calvet, Erasing David, and the recent Ping Pong.

Vivian Norris

Journalist and Filmmaker

Vivian works as a freelance journalist writing for BBC Business Online, The Huffington Post, and consults for EuropeTV. Currently she is an independent producer, and has worked on a feature film about Muhammad Yunus as well as directing and producing a documentary on the life of Obama's mother, Ann Dunham.

Tom Evans

Creativity Expert

Tom is an expert in the psychology and physiology behind creativity and inspiration. He helps people lift the lid on the mystery of where ideas and thoughts come from. He has written three books on the subject including The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments.

Lorraine Flower

Leadership Coach

Lorraine has been an organisational and leadership consultant for 12 years working to build organisations' purpose, vision, and values. This includes tutoring at the Canfield School of Management. She helps individuals and teams realise their deepest potential and apply it effectively in the workplace.




9:00am - 5:00pm
The workshop consists of an opening plenary, followed by three sessions:

Leadership – exploring personal and organisational leadership to maximise potential and drive positive change. Themes include – communications,values, personal, societal, and global change, co-creation, mindfullness, and authenticity. Session led by Lorraine Flower.

The Art & Science of Creativity: Demystifying the creative process by uncovering the psychological and physiological basis for creativity and inspiration. Developing the understanding and techniques to build a platform for creativity. How to overcome blocks to creativity. Session led by Tom Evans.

Storytelling: Creating stories with the power to transform. The art and techniques of developing depth and richnessto plot and character development. Understanding the connection between the inner journey of the character and the outer action in a script. Session led by Dara Marks.

Participants of the workshop will receive a certificate from the UN mandated UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.


9:00am - 5:00pm
The summit consists of short film screenings, animations, plenary talks from experts, and panel discussions. It will be an interactive environrment with participants enclouraged to actively participate and share insights from their own experience.

Themes include:
- Web 2.0 and new technology
- Children & media
- Well-being, and fulfilling our individual & collective potential
- Empowering women and girls
- Cross-cultural understanding
- Covering war & conflict
- Sustainable lifestyles and new economic paradigms
- Storytelling with purpose
- Games as a force for good
- Constructive journalism
- Documentary filmmaking
- Leadership and values

There will be plenty of time to network and meet other participants, with an hour for a tasty lunch and a drinks reception in the evening.



Transformational Media 2012 is a gathering of individuals passionate about the role media plays in our lives, and the power for good it has.

We expect that with the themes covered there will be a wide range of interests and organisations represented at the event. To attend this year's event please click on the REGISTER button below to book through the Eventbrite page.

Workshop - 27 September
Summit - 28 September
Both days
Bursaries available


Places are limited, so please book as early as possible. To reserve your place at Transformational Media 2012 please click on the link below.



We are interested to hear about potential ideas for collaboration and projects, and will post details of relevant initiatives and organisations on this website in the future.
The summit also saw the launch of the Transformational Media Initiative - a global network of media professionals and changemakers passionate about storytelling and media that serves people and planet. Visit the initiave website for more info and to become a member.
The continued success of the summit is made possible thanks to the support of our partners and generousity of our sponsors. If you would like to partner with, speak at, or sponsor the summit please get in touch.

If you have any questions about the event please speak to Jeremy Wickremer, the event Director who can be reached on the details below:

Telephone: (UK) 0208 144 8287



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